Our Services

ELM Bookkeeping Offers the Following Services

Web-Based Bookkeeping

Keeping a clean and organized set of books is an important part of any business.  Let ELM help set up ledger accounts for your new company.  ELM can review transactions daily using an online web-based bookkeeping program (such as QuickBooks Online or NetSuite) to monitor activity and correctly code transactions as they happen.

Monthly Reconciliations

Monthly reconciliations of checking, credit and vendor accounts ensure accuracy of liquid assets and money on hand and allow for immediate identification of fraudulent or incorrect charges and withdrawals.  It's your money - keep it where it belongs.

Accounts Payable

Do you purchase materials on account?  Paying vendors on time is a great way to establish your business credit and create good relationships throughout your industry.  ELM will identify vendors that offer payment discount terms and help ensure you are maximizing your savings.

Asset/Liability Tracking

Want to know what your net liabilities and equity are?  Real-time asset and liability tracking helps ensure that you are never caught off-guard with regards to how much outstanding debt you have.

Non-Certified Financial Reporting

Interested in the overall health of your business?  Want to see how much in gross sales you've made during any given period?  ELM can compile non-certified financial reports for internal use to help implement both short and long term sales goals.

Accounts Receivable (Collections)

Nobody likes chasing down money.  Let ELM do the dirty work for you.  We allow you to maintain a professional and pleasant relationship with your clients while also making sure that no invoice goes unpaid.

Job Cost Tracking

Want to see which jobs are the most profitable and get a snapshot of profit on any given job?  Let ELM help customize a Job Cost Tracking method that best suits your business model.

Automated Payroll Processing

Payroll taxes got your head spinning?  Let ELM help set you up with an automated payroll processing company (fees may apply) and take the guesswork out of payroll taxes and reporting requirements.

Financing Paperwork

Does your business need to acquire new assets on credit or apply for other commercial financing?  Let ELM help you complete those pesky credit applications and make sure that you've checked all the necessary boxes.

New Business Formation

Ready to take your dreams and make them a reality?  Let ELM help you get the necessary paperwork in order to get your business set up.

Notary Services

Do your customers require documents to be notarized?  Let ELM come to you to notarize any necessary documents so that you can focus on the bigger things.

Lien Research Assistance

Are you in the construction industry?  Do you need to place a lien against a property for an unpaid invoice?  Let ELM help do the leg work regarding your lien options and lien rights.