Our History

The Birth of ELM Bookkeeping

With the onset of the COVID pandemic in late 2019, many Americans lost work and were subsequently forced outside of their comfort zone.  People found themselves having to generate income in ways they never thought they would have to.  For some, it was a nightmare.  For others, it was the necessary catalyst to help jump start a new chapter and give them a new sense of purpose.  Some people found themselves a niche in the newly expanded field of teleworking.  Other still felt like there was more out there for them and accepted the push that they needed to start working for themselves.

Achieving the seemingly impossible dreams of owning one's own business requires one common, integral piece.  While all of these forcibly unemployed people have drive and the knowledge to make their individual businesses succeed, are they equipped to deal with all of the back-end financial pieces that are necessary to run an efficient and profitable business?  While a licensed plumber may have the skill-set and customer base to launch a successful venture, how much does he know about bookkeeping?  How does he go about registering his entity properly?  How does he make sure no revenue goes uncollected?  How does he make sure that expenses are paid in a timely manner so that vendors will continue to supply materials?  How does he ensure that his company's financial records are being appropriately kept so as to minimize the likelihood of an audit?  Just as plumbing is a specialized industry, bookkeeping and office management are also specialized fields with their own sets of hurdles to overcome.  Having your office organized and efficiently ran from an administrative standpoint helps guarantee that any small business can grow exponentially.

As a result of this shift in dynamic from working for others to being self-employed - coupled with a distinct need for our expertise - ELM Bookkeeping was born.  ELM was started as a way for small business owners to have access to the resources they need to help make sure their business runs successfully and turns a profit.  Your business is only as good as your last job, and ELM wants to help set you up on the right path.  After all, who really wants to work for free?

History will show 2020 as causing the unfortunate closure of many well-established business. However, 2020 also ushered in the opportunity for a significant number of individuals to become their own boss by starting their own business.  Opportunity is knocking.  Will you answer the door or pretend you're not home?

Stop putting your talents to use for someone else and make them start working for you.  At ELM, we will help keep your business rooted!