Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in contracting with ELM, but...

Why should I outsource bookkeeping?
Bookkeeping is a specialized trade that requires a great attention to detail.  When most small business begin, however, the majority of  bookkeeping tasks can be performed in just a couple of hours a day.  By employing a full-time bookkeeper, your company is adding additional overhead that a fledgling business my not be able to support.  Outsourcing your bookkeeping allows you to get the support your business needs without having the added expense of another employee on payroll.  Additionally, outsourcing bookkeeping eliminates the necessity of having a brick and mortar office.  Your Account Manager is equipped with everything they need to meet your specialized bookkeeping needs from anywhere in the world, any time of day.

I would like someone to come to my office once in a while.  Are you able to do that?
While the majority of bookkeeping can be done from a remote location, we understand that some things require a hands-on approach.  Because we cater our services to the individual client, we are happy to discuss any needs you may have for an occasional physical presence in your office.

If you all of your work remote, how am I sure it's being done?
At ELM, we never want you have to question whether your work is being done.  We encourage owners to stay actively involved in the financial dealings of their individual businesses.  Our goal is to take the stress of the day-to-day managing of the bookkeeping off your plate.  We encourage generating a reporting system which will provide you the information in a format you can easily digest at intervals that give you peace of mind.  We also recommend weekly check-ins where we discuss what happened throughout the week as well as anything that may be on the horizon. 

Will I need your services forever?
While one of our main goals at ELM is customer retention, the answer is absolutely not.  If you feel like your business grows to a point where you need to bring on a full-time bookkeeper, ELM will help transition control of the books to whomever you choose.  We will make sure they are armed with what they need to take over the day-to-day bookkeeping dealings.  We will remain available to help answer questions and troubleshoot issues as they arrive for a period of time after the transition as well.

How do I know my information is kept confidential?
As part of the on-boarding process, ELM provides each client with a confidentiality agreement.  At ELM, we treat each client's information as if it is our own.  We never discuss any client data, information, numbers, figures, etc., with anyone.  We want you to feel confident that your information is being held in the strictest of confidence.  ELM has built relationships based on integrity and we understand the importance of feeling like your information is not being discussed with other clients.

What is your pricing structure?
If you've ever worked with an accountant, you are aware that most charge by the hour.  This means that every time you call them, you are likely to get a bill for that time.  ELM works on a monthly tiered pricing structure.  During the on-boarding meeting, we will discuss the needs of your individual company and determine which of our many services is right for you.  We can then put together a specialized package that meets all of your bookkeeping needs while also keeping your budgetary limitations in mind.

I want to sign up.  How does the on-boarding process work?
Before any client is on-boarded, we like to meet with prospective clients and discuss what their individual requirements are.  We drill down our list of services to those that are most important and put together a personalized package for each business.  At ELM, we are not high-pressure.  Our reputation precedes us, and our main goal is to make sure you are receiving the personalized services your business needs.  Once we come to an agreement, we offer several different contract lengths based on your projected needs.  Call ELM today and let us start working for you.

ELM is a bookkeeping and management service. We are NOT licensed CPAs. However, bookkeeping does not require a professional license like accounting does. In performing bookkeeping services, ELM will help reduce the amount of time your CPA has to manipulate your books which results in added savings for you. We can work closely with your CPA to ensure that accounts are being set up the way they like to see them. When accountants receive a clean and accurate set of books, they have to spend less time working with them and have a smaller margin for error. ELM has plans for expansion in the future, so check back frequently for updates.

Just as we are not licensed CPAs, we are also not attorneys are are unable to provide legal advice.  We are also limited in our scope of Human Resources, but would be glad to find someone who can help with those services should you need them.