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Sandy Miller, Owner
Sandy Miller, Owner

Sandy Miller, Owner

After graduating from Reno High School in 1999 and with no plans of attending college, owner Sandy Miller moved to Atlanta where she immediately entered the workforce as a retail sales associate.  In 2001, Sandy's sales lead position was eliminated and she briefly found herself searching for a new job.   This forced change allowed her to leave retail and enter corporate America taking a position as an Administrative Assistant/In-House Project Manager for a specialty construction company.  Sandy's fiery personality quickly allowed her to find her niche working in the mostly male-dominated construction industry.

In 2006, the need for a more southerly-located office forced the owner to close the Atlanta branch and relocate operations to Miami.  At this juncture, Sandy started as a Client Services Coordinator with a property consulting firm specializing in large loss consulting.  During her tenure with this company, she held many positions including Data Analyst, Business Development Coordinator and Senior Client Services Coordinator.

The unfortunate death of the owner of the consulting firm forced the company to shut its doors in 2011.  Sandy was unemployed yet again and relying on God's grace to lead her to her next adventure.  Just 2 short weeks after the loss of her previous job, Sandy found herself employed with an emergency services company working as an Administrative Assistant.  Sandy's talents were quickly recognized, however, and within a couple of months, she was promoted to Office Manager.  This is where her current path truly began.

Sandy effortlessly began thriving in her new managerial role.  She saw the impact her talents had on her team and welcomed the opportunity to again work more hands-on in the construction industry.  In 2013, Sandy was elated as she became pregnant with her first child.  Unfortunately, the strain of the 24/7 emergency services industry proved to be difficult for the mother-to-be, and in 2014, Sandy again stepped out in faith and left her job.  With no other opportunity to fall back on and a child on the way, Sandy's faith was further tested as she was forced to rely on God fully and completely to help her and her husband provide for their growing family.

God showed up and showed out, and in April of 2014, Sandy crossed paths with a man who was starting up his own specialty construction company.  The job was part time making far less than she had been making at her previous job.  However, she knew this was where God was sending her.  Sandy was hired as the Office Manager and immediately set to work helping build the company into a multi-million dollar operation with over 30 full time employees.  She became enamored with bookkeeping and the financial side of the business and developed an earnest interest in accounting.  She gained knowledge of the many different aspects of business management and honed the skills that would ultimately bring her to where she is today.

In late 2021, Sandy saw God make an unexpected move once again.  He birthed in her the desire to take the skills she had acquired over the past 7 years and put them to work for others seeking to become their own boss.  She initially dismissed the idea of owning her own business as fanciful.  But God's still small voice never left, and in 2022, ELM Bookkeeping and Management Services, LLC, was officially born as a way to help provide others looking to go into business for themselves the tools and services to help them be successful.

Where ELM goes from here is in God's hands.  However, Sandy is thankful to be allowed to go along for the ride.

Sandy graduated from EGCC in May of 2023 summa cum laude with her Accounting-AAB.  She currently resides in Douglasville, Georgia, with her husband of 12 years and their three beautiful children.  They attend church in Powder Springs where she serves as both the Administrative Director and Praise and Worship Leader.